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Most people don’t realize that if the transmission fluid in your car is dirty or deteriorating, it might be the first sign that you’re on your way to a transmission problem. To keep a transmission running properly and to aid in the longevity of your car’s transmission life, consider a transmission flush from the experts at Richfield Transmission.

Transmission fluid cools and lubricates the internal parts of your car’s transmission. As a car ages, the contaminates within the fluid can enter the transmission, causing critical damage to the components. A transmission flush replaces the old, degraded fluid with new, fresh fluid that’s contaminate free. Richfield Transmission’s complete transmission flush service also includes replacing the transmission filters, which can become clogged and block the flow of transmission fluid.

How much does a Transmission Flush cost?

The cost of a transmission flush can vary depending on several factors that many people don’t consider. Some of the factors that determine cost include:

  • Year, Make, and Model of the Car/Transmission (Higher end cars can cost more)
  • Type of Flushing Machine Used (pump inlet or cooler line)
  • Type of Fluid Required and Quantity

Richfield Transmission knows how important a complete transmission flush is as part of your regular’s car maintenance. Each car manufacturer may have a different recommended maintenance scheduled so we recommend to check your owner’s manual. Then, call Richfield Transmission to schedule your complete transmission flush. Plus, you can take advantage of the promotional discount currently available.

Shift to the people you can trust, Richfield Transmission & Auto Repair.

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