The clutch is a mechanical device with the job of engaging and disengaging power transmission. Clutches are used in a wide variety of mechanical devices that require the transmission of power to be controlled, whether that means controlled over a period of time or controlled in amount. In your car, the clutch controls the transmission of engine power to the wheels of your vehicle.
The clutch, located between the engine and the gearbox in a vehicle with manual transmission, typically relies on friction in order to operate properly. The advantage of a friction clutch is that it can connect two parts moving at different speeds to one another and synchronize the two speeds. Minimal slippage (that is, the difference in speed between the two objects connected by the clutch) is desirable, and although the clutch is a particularly hardy component of the car, clutches do wear down and need to be repaired or replaced.

Wearing Out the Clutch

A worn clutch will slip when you apply power to your car, allowing the engine speed to increase rapidly upon acceleration of your vehicle. A properly functioning clutch would synchronize the engine speed with that of the transmission, directly linking it to the speed of the vehicle. However, this symptom alone does not necessarily indicate a faulty or damaged clutch. Hydraulically-operated clutches might have air in the system, and cable-operated clutches can have their function impeded by a jamming or seizing of the cable. A good mechanic should be able to diagnose the cause of clutch issues, and fix the transmission accordingly.

Clutch Repair

A damaged or worn clutch does not always need to be replaced. Metropolitan areas with mechanics servicing a wide variety of cars, such as those that provide a clutch repair in Minneapolis, should be able to repair a damaged clutch if it is not too worn, or replace the clutch itself without having to replace the vehicle’s entire transmission.
Mechanics that offer clutch repair ought to offer a transmission rebuild, a process whereby any other damaged components of the transmission can be replaced, and be capable of doing so with a variety of both foreign and domestic makes and models. High-quality garages that do transmission rebuilds and clutch repair often have a stock of rebuilt transmissions on hand and will offer loaner cars in the event that they need to hold on to your vehicle for an extended period of time while they are repairing it. The best transmission repair and rebuild services are those offered by technicians and businesses certified by ATRA, the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association. Similarly desirable are businesses offering clutch repair performed by ASE certified technicians. Locally owned shops, rather than chains or franchises, tend to provide superior service and competitive prices, and you’ll be supporting small business in your local community.

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